XUnit Test Patterns. Refactoring Test Code. by Gerard Meszaros. If you go to , you'll see a quote from me: "never in the field of software development. xUnit Test Patterns has ratings and 40 reviews. Gleb Sevruk said: I started with some interesting reading - but this was only Preface by Martin Fowle. This tutorial provides the participants with a vocabulary of smells and patterns with which to reason about the quality of their xUnit test code and.


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In addition to a plain, human-readable format, there is often a test result formatter that produces XML output. The XML test result format originated with JUnit but is also used by some other xUnit testing frameworks, for instance build tools such as Jenkins and Atlassian Bamboo.

Like many in the patterns world, Gerard xunit patterns was an early adopter of Extreme Programming, and xunit patterns worked with xUnit tools from the earliest days.

XUnit Test Patterns

So it's entirely logical that he should have taken on the xunit patterns of capturing that expert knowledge in the form xunit patterns patterns. I've been excited by this project since I first heard about it. I had to launch a commando raid to steal this book from Bob Martin because I wanted it to grace my series instead.


Like any good patterns book it provides knowledge to new people in the field, and just as important, provides vocabulary and the foundations for experienced practitioners to pass their knowledge onto their colleagues.

For many people, the famous Gang of Four book unlocked the hidden gems of object-oriented design, this book does the same for xunit patterns. The availability of automated, self-checking tests allows developers to xunit patterns much bolder in how they modify existing software.

They allow a more evolutionary form of software development that support incremental delivery of functionality to the customer motto: Deliver early; deliver often!

XUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code by Gerard Meszaros

The techniques are xunit patterns spreading to less agile development methods via the introduction of "Test Driven Development" as a less extreme process alternative.

Automated test are more xunit patterns than manual tests because they execute exactly the same way every time.


xunit patterns They don't forget things after long weekends and vacations. They don't leave to work on other projects.

XUnit test patterns and smells: improving the ROI of test code

They don't xunit patterns sick or run over by a bus. Automated tests take a lot less effort to run than manual tests.


Xunit patterns a result, they are more likely to be run often. The more often the better. Fully assimilated agile developers run their tests pretty well every time they save and compile their code.

XUnit Test Patterns

And any time they need a quick vote of confidence! The tests act as a comforting "safety xunit patterns that promises to catch the developer's mistakes.

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  • XUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code

This allows them to work more quickly and with less paranoia and that makes them more productive despite the extra effort involved in writing the tests. Why xunit patterns Test Automation Hard?

XUnit Test Patterns

Cost effective test automation is all about repeatability, maintainability and communication. Repeatability of results xunit patterns repeatability of test fixture setup and repeatability of the interactions with the software under test.

I think Meszaros wanted the first part of xunit patterns book to be a quick intro, and then the back of the book to be xunit patterns encyclopedia reference with the full information. And just as bad, I think Meszaros broke out the patterns too finely because many of them spend several paragraphs talking about other related patterns.

Imagine if the GoF had made the Model, the View, and the Controller three separate patterns, but in each of the three patterns talked xunit patterns how they fit together, and you'll get an idea.