The WetFeet Insider Guide to McKinsey & Each WetFeet Insider Guide represents hundreds ofhours ofcareful research and. So you know McKinsey is the Big Kahuna of all management consulting firms, and the idea of getting an offer from this gold star sends you into dizzy raptures. Books By Wetfeet. Most Popular Books The Mutual Fund Industry: The Insider Guide (Wetfoot. McKinsey & Company (WetFeet Insider Guide).


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Typically, the CEO or the DCS focus primarily on the general direction of the project, leaving details to more wetfeet mckinsey people.

More senior consultants tend to deal with more senior staff at client organizations.

McKinsey & Company: The WetFeet Insider Guide

Other alumni of the firm and contacts from individual projects give consultants a large number of valuable business contacts. Exploration wetfeet mckinsey Consultants usually work on a series of one to two month projects across a variety of sectors, companies, and divisions within companies including government and non-profit organizations19 making it wetfeet mckinsey of the most attractive options if you want to quickly learn about many different types of work.

Personal fit As with many other careers, the best way to test for personal fit is to spend some time in the job. College students with a strong interest in consulting should apply for a summer internship the year before they complete their studies.

Internships and prior experience, however, not requirements for applying. Entry requirements The standard route to entry for an analyst position is an undergraduate degree from an elite university, and an MBA from an elite university for an associate position.

But the information does suggest that a significant fraction of graduates from programs like these can get consulting jobs if they want them.

The standard profile of a person getting one of these jobs at a top firm is: Did something extracurricular that shows initiative. This is often wetfeet mckinsey important than your grades, though many firms have minimal requirements for academic achievement.

And these traits reflect those that recruiters most commonly look for. What does it take to progress? We think it suits someone with a well-rounded profile of good analytical skills, social skills, teamwork, and the ability to work hard.

The WetFeet Insider Guide to McKinsey & Company. ( edition) | Open Library

Compared to the other careers in the list, the verbal and social skills seem particularly important since you need to interact with wetfeet mckinsey persuade clients from the start.

A consultant we interviewed suggested that it is very hard to tell who is going to be great at the job and highly committed to it, and recommended not putting much weight on wetfeet mckinsey consideration when deciding whether to enter consulting. Job satisfaction The work is probably more interesting wetfeet mckinsey many other corporate jobs, including the early years of finance, because it involves more problem solving and variety.

Consultants often like the challenge and variety of their work, as well as the people they work with. Common complaints from consultants include: Questions for further investigation Are statistics available on what consultants typically do when they move on?

How much value has the consulting industry as a whole created?


Is it possible to specialize in an area of consulting that might have unusually high impact, such as advising major foundations, policymakers, or especially promising industries?

Are there some simple ways wetfeet mckinsey tell if getting a job at a top consulting firm is not a realistic possibility for someone? Wetfeet mckinsey so, what are they? We also considered the following sources. Take action Further reading Find out about consulting jobs and firms by using this list of firms.

The WetFeet guide to Management Consulting was the best source of general information about consulting that we found. The Vault Guide to Consulting is a good guide on how to wetfeet mckinsey in.

[PDF] The WetFeet Insider Guide to McKinsey & Company [Read] Full Ebook - Video Dailymotion

Wetfeet mckinsey case interview is a particularly significant part of the selection process, and you can find out wetfeet mckinsey about that here and on the consultancy company websites.

The Wall Street Oasis forum on consulting has useful information. We found it valuable as a source for getting a rough sense of the culture of the industry.

Next steps If interested in consulting as an undergraduate, then apply for internships. Sources Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. University of Oxford Wetfeet mckinsey Service.