Find great deals on eBay for Weber Carburetor Manual in Carburetors. Shop with confidence. Weber Carburetor Buyers Guide. 1 - 2. Float Level Instructions. 3 - 4. Carburetor Calibrations. 5. Technical Reference Manuals. 5. Repair Parts. 6. Calibrated. Proper idle jets are very important to a Weber's performance ADVANTAGE OF THE WEBER CARBURETOR IS ITS EASE OF ADJUSTMENT AND TUNING.


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As long as it will stay running, the idle speed is not important at this point.


The engine should start to smooth out. Then turn it back in to the point where it ran best. You want to tune the engine by sound.

Adjust each mixture screw to the best, fastest and smoothest running point. Weber carburetor manual this procedure with each mixture screw.

Now you may adjust the Idle Speed Screw. These carbs are commonly used in pairs, this makes the synchronization important, be sure to bring the high flowing carb down to the low flow carb.

IDF Adjustment Controls

After synchronizing multiple carbs, reconfirm steps b. You are cheating by opening the throttle plates and exposing additional progression holes in the transition. We have included the zero by-pass valve in our jet kit. This will deliver all of the available fuel to the engine and not by-pass fuel back to the fuel weber carburetor manual.

More Tuning & Adjustment

This will increase the duration and volume of the pump shot with the original pump jets. This is for maximum fuel delivery from the accelerator pump circuit.

The accelerator pump by-pass valve is located in the bottom of the fuel bowl, one is required per carburetor. weber carburetor manual


Be sure for initial carburetor set up all air by-pass screws should be in closed position. These are not commonly used in standard carburetor adjustment.

When doing multiple carburetors all linkage should be disconnected. All carbs should be bench weber carburetor manual to same setting.

Set the idle mixture screw to one turn out form lightly seated. Use your ear, not a scope or tuning instruments at this weber carburetor manual.

You want to tune the engine by sound.

Weber Carburetor Manual | eBay

Adjust to best, fastest and smoothest running point. Now that the mixture screw is at weber carburetor manual best running location, you can adjust the idle speed the screw.

Check and set idle to your driving preference. Put the car in gear and apply slight load, AC on and set the Idle as you like it. Recheck timing and vacuum hook ups.