Hot Keys (keyboard shortcuts) S (key) starts the audio Space-bar starts audio F scrolls forward G saves work. This tutorial will teach you how to load a song into Aegisub, how to enter the words for the song and how to add time-codes to the words to synchronise them. This is the first part of a series of tutorial videos I'm working on which explains how to use Aegisub. This.


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3 Ways to Create Subtitles Using Aegisub - wikiHow

First tutorial aegisub look at how to get around the audio display and play the audio. You might already have noticed that there's no less than 6 different "Play" buttons.


tutorial aegisub Usually you'll just use one of them, though: The one with the blue outward-pointing brackets around. That one is Play Selection, and plays the part of the audio that's currently highlighted.


Try pressing tutorial aegisub Play Selection button, you should hear the first 5 seconds of the song played. Aegisub selects the first 5 seconds by default.

Now try changing the selection: You can left-click and drag in the tutorial aegisub display to select the part you've dragged across. If you click and drag on the left or tutorial aegisub edge of the selection you can change just the start or end.

Karaoke Timing Tutorial - Aegisub Manual

Finally, you can make a single left-click without dragging! Let's time the first line.


Find the start and tutorial aegisub of the first line of the song you're working on and make sure the audio selection matches it exactly.

Tutorial aegisub that at first, the selection was gray but as soon as you started changing it, it became red and the word "Modified" appeared. This means that you have changed the selection but not saved committed the new timing.

Tutorial aegisub commit the timing and store it back to the subtitle line, just press the Commit button, the green check mark.

More stuff

When an effect has been applied to the karaoke we'll call it styled karaoke. If you don't have any song to work with here are two lines from a tutorial aegisub.

Load a video You don't need to load any audio, but it can be a good idea to have some video open. It's not a very interesting video you will get, but it will show you how the subtitles and the effect we're tutorial aegisub will look.

Writing a k-replacer style template Now we have everything else set up it's time to make the actual template.

Karaoke Templater Tutorial 1 - Aegisub Manual

First, here's how to add it. The explanation of what every part means will follow. Select the very first subtitle line in the file. This will become our karaoke tutorial aegisub line.