Traktat om oprettelse. By Intergovernmental Conference on the Common Market and EURATOM. About this book · Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and. lit. e) Traktatu ustanawiającego Europejską Wspólnotę Energii Atomowej (Traktat Euratom) stanowi, że Europejska Wspólnota Energii Atomowej (Wspólnota). Traktat Euratom Pdf Download. The PDF content cannot be displayed in the browser. To view the content, please install Download Content. Traktat Euratom Pdf.


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Text Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community Euratom Initially created to coordinate the Traktat euratom States' research programmes for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the Euratom Treaty today helps to traktat euratom knowledge, infrastructure and funding of nuclear energy.

Euratom Treaty - EUabc

It traktat euratom the security of atomic energy supply within the framework of a centralised monitoring system. For the first time, the six Member States of this organisation surrendered part of their national sovereignty, albeit traktat euratom a limited field, to the Community.

The limitations of this first attempt at integration were quickly revealed with the failure of the European Defence Community EDC in The Conference was followed by a series of other meetings of ministers and experts.

This committee met in Brussels and was chaired by P.

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Spaak, the Belgian Foreign Minister at the time. In Aprilthe committee proposed a set of two projects which corresponded to the two options chosen by the Traktat euratom These famous "Treaties of Rome" were signed in Rome in March This summary sheet deals only with the Euratom Treaty.

Since the costs of investing in traktat euratom energy could not be met by individual States, the founding States joined together to form Euratom.

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The general objective of the Treaty is to contribute to the formation and development of Europe's nuclear industries, so that all the Member States can benefit from the development of atomic energy, and to ensure security of traktat euratom.

At the same time, the Treaty guarantees traktat euratom safety standards for the public and prevents nuclear materials intended principally for civilian use from being diverted to military use.

It is important to note that Euratom's powers are limited to peaceful civil traktat euratom of nuclear energy. Moreover, in the preamble, the signatories described themselves as: In this context, it applies only to certain entities Member States, physical persons, and public traktat euratom private undertakings or institutions which carry out some or all of their activities in an area covered by the Treaty, i.

The first title traktat euratom out the seven tasks which the Treaty entrusts to the Community. The second title sets out provisions to encourage progress in the field of nuclear energy promotion of research, dissemination of information, health and safety, investment, joint undertakings, supplies, safeguards, property ownership, the nuclear common market and external relations.

European Atomic Energy Community Treaty - Polish translation – Linguee

The third title deals with the institutions of the Community and traktat euratom general financial provisions. The fourth title deals with specific financial provisions. The fifth and sixth titles deal respectively with general provisions and provisions relating to the initial period setting up the institutions, initial application provisions and transitional traktat euratom.

Lastly, two protocols are also appended to the Treaty.


At regular intervals the Commission publishes a list of the sectors of nuclear research which it considers to be insufficiently explored. It has also established a joint nuclear research centre. The Joint Research Centre JRC has grown into one of the leaders in nuclear research in the Community and also in research in fields such as the environment and food safety.

Member States, persons or undertakings have the right, on application to the Commission, to obtain non-exclusive licences under patents, provisionally protected patent rights, utility models or patent applications owned by the Community.

Legislation has also been adopted on medical applications, research, the maximum permissible levels of radioactive contamination in food and the traktat euratom protection measures to be taken in the event of a radiological emergency. traktat euratom

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Each Member State is required to provide the Commission with the general data relating to any plan for the disposal of radioactive waste. At the same time, the assent of the Commission is required where these plans are liable to affect the territories of other Member States.

Persons and undertakings engaged in the industrial activities listed in Annex II to the Treaty are required to notify the Commission of any investment projects.

In this context, the Traktat euratom The Euratom Supply Agency has legal personality and financial autonomy and is under the supervision of the Commission, which issues directives to it and possesses a right of veto over its decisions.

Member States are required to submit an annual report to the Commission on the development of prospecting and production, on probable reserves and on investment in mining which has been traktat euratom or is planned in their territories.