He introduced me to Total Immersion (TI), a method usually associated with coach Terry Laughlin, and I immediately ordered the book and. Editorial Reviews. Review. Masters swimmer and acclaimed coach Terry Laughlin has taught thousands to swim more efficiently in the workshops. Home · About · FAQ · About TI Technique · About Terry Laughlin · TI as a Way of learning · TI Training. Get Coached. Workshops · Studios · Find a Coach · Open  ‎About Terry Laughlin · ‎Total Immersion blog · ‎Total Immersion Store · ‎About.


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In line with the above video of Shinji, think of swimming freestyle total immersion laughlin swimming on alternating sides, not on your stomach. From the TI Wikipedia page: Lengthen your vessel and you travel further on each stroke.


It adds up fast. Penetrate the water with your fingers angled down and fully extend your arm well beneath your head. Extend it lower and further than you think you should. This downward water pressure on the arms will bring your legs total immersion laughlin and decrease drag.

Focus on increasing stroke total immersion laughlin SL instead of stroke rate SR. Attempt to glide further on each downstroke and decrease the number of strokes per lap.

Stop and review rather than persist through the pain and develop bad habits. Stretch your extended arm and turn your body not just head to breathe.

Some triathletes will even turn almost to their backs and face skyward to avoid short gasps and oxygen debt tip from Dave Scott6-time Total immersion laughlin world champion. Experiment with hand swapping as a drill: I total immersion laughlin trying to follow half a dozen rules at once.

The single drill that forced me to do most other things correctly is described on pg. This is the visualization I found most useful: Though he worked hard and never missed practice, as a senior, his times still remained too slow to qualify total immersion laughlin the New York City Catholic Schools championship.

Despite hundreds of hours of exhausting workouts, his times remained frustratingly slow. Terry coached three college and two USA Swimming club teams from toimproving each team dramatically. In that time, he developed 24 national champions at all strokes and distances—the first national champions produced by four different teams!

Total Immersion Academy

Rather than increasing the power of the swimmer's leg kick or arm pull, Total Immersion emphasizes coordinated spearing movements with a well-timed two-beat kick. This approach can be beneficial to entry-level total immersion laughlin swimmers, triathletes, distance swimmers, and those who swim for exercise and health.

Joe Novak, one of his athletes, remains one of West Point's most notable sprinters, under Terry's coaching. Joe won nine gold medals in Patriot League Championships, having won the 50m Freestyle, m Freestyle and m Butterfly in, and Whether the swimmer's primary goal is exercise, total immersion laughlin, endurance, or competition, the aim is to develop awareness of your body's movements within and interactions total immersion laughlin the water.

Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too

For both swimmers who have learned a different style of swimming as well as novice learners, the drill sequence builds the stroke up from small movements and balance total immersion laughlin towards a whole stroke. Progression is built on successful previous movements in a system that the founder describes as "Trial and Success".

Total immersion laughlin the new motor skill is learned, it can be executed with increased speed and less conscious control over the movement.