Con Imperio, Michael Hardt y Antonio Negri se convirtieron en los teóricos visionarios del nuevo orden global. Ahora, en Multitud, ofrecen una esperanzadora. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Take Up the Baton - Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri*. This is not a manifesto. Manifestos provide a glimpse of a world to come and also call into.


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toni negri multitud Multitude is ultimately unreasonable, excessively theoretical, but nevertheless brilliant, if only for its ambition. It must next be observed, that in laying foundations it is very necessary to study the human passions: New figures of struggle and new subjectivities are produced in the conjecture of events, in the universal nomadism toni negri multitud They are not posed merely against the imperial system—they are not simply negative forces.

Evidently, the origins of the discourse on toni negri multitud multitude are found in a subversive interpretation of Spinoza's thought.

We could never insist enough on the importance of the Spinozist presupposition when toni negri multitud with this theme. First of all, an entirely Spinozist theme is that of the body, and particularly of the powerful body.

Multitud - Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri - Google книги

We dealt with this determination when we insisted on the multitude as power. Therefore, the body comes first both in the genealogy and in the tendency, both in the phases and in the result of the process of constitution of the multitude. But this toni negri multitud not enough.

We must reconsider all the hitherto discussion from the point of view of the body, that is to say we must go back to points 123 of the preceding section, and complete them in this perspective.

Once we define the name of the multitude against the concept of the people, bearing in mind that the multitude is a whole of singularities, we must translate that name in the perspective of the toni negri multitud and clarify the dispositif of a multitude of bodies.

When we consider bodies, we not only perceive that we are faced with a multitude toni negri multitud bodies, but we also understand that each body is a multitude. Intersecting the multitude, crossing multitude with multitude, bodies become blended, mongrel, hybrid, transformed; they are like sea waves, in perennial movement and reciprocal transformation.

City in Common: Culture and Community in Buenos Aires - James Scorer - Google Книги

There is no possibility for a body to be alone. It could not even be imagined.


When man is defined as individual, when he is considered as autonomous source of rights and property, he is made alone. But one's own does not exist toni negri multitud of the relation with an other.


Metaphysics of individuality, when confronted with the body, negate the multitude that constitutes the body in order to negate the multitude of bodies.

Transcendence is the key to any metaphysics of individuality as well as to any toni negri multitud of sovereignty. On the other hand, from the standpoint of the body there is only relation and process. The body is living labour, therefore, expression and cooperation, therefore, material construction of the world and of history.

Toni negri multitud we speak of multitude as class concept, hence of multitude as subject of production and object of exploitation — at this point, it is immediately possible to introduce the corporeal dimension, because it is evident that in production, in movements, in labour and in migrations, bodies are at stake, with all their vital dimensions and determinations.

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In production the activity of bodies is always productive force and often primary matter. In fact there could be no discussion of exploitation, whether it is concerned with commodity production or with life reproduction, that does not directly touch upon bodies.

Harvard University Press, University of Minnesota Press, Un matiz, tal vez, toni negri multitud significativo. Esto es lo que Virno ha estado intentando ofrecer: Una comunalidad del intelecto generalizado sin igualdad toni negri multitud.