Detail drawings showing precise methods of construction are available in this . Timber frame: standard details for thermal performance, enhanced design. Visit us at - Sometimes it is the little details that will set your timber frame apart from. TRUSS & ROOF DETAILS -G. IJM Timber Frames Truss and Roof Details. WINDOW DOORS -H. IJM Timber Frames Window Doors. OPEN HOUSE DETAILS -I.


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IJM Timber Frame - Technical Details - Book of Details

The completed frame of a modern timber-frame house Ridge-post framing left and story framing right, with jetties Historically, the timbers would have been hewn square using a felling axe and then surface-finished with a broadaxe.

Timber frame details required, smaller timbers were ripsawn from the hewn baulks using pitsaws or frame saws.

Today, timbers are more commonly bandsawn, and the timbers may sometimes be machine- planed on all four sides. The vertical timbers include: The horizontal timbers include: Timber frame details jettying, horizontal elements can include: The jetty bressummer or breastsummerwhere the main timber frame details horizontal piece on which the projecting wall above rests, stretches across the whole width of the jetty wall.


The bressummer is itself cantilevered forward, beyond the wall below it. The dragon-beam which runs diagonally from one corner to another, and supports the corner posts above and supported by the corner posts below The jetty beams or joists conform t floor dimensions above, but are timber frame details right angles to the jetty-plates that timber frame details to the shorter dimensions of "roof" of the floor below.

They are the main constituents of the cantilever system, and determine how far the jetty projects. The jetty-plates are designed to carry the jetty beams.

The jetty plates themselves are supported by the corner posts of the recessed floor below. The sloping timbers include: In the timber frame details manner, called post construction, timber frame details vertical elements continue from the groundwork to the roof.

It is somewhat similar to balloon framing method common in North America until the middle of the 20th century. In the advanced manner, called frame construction, each story is constructed like a case, and the whole building is constructed like a pile of such cases.

Timber-frame details - WEBO

Ridge-post framing is a structurally simple and ancient post and lintel framing where the posts extend all the way to the ridge beams. Interior of a modern hand-hewn post-and-beam home. Porch of a modern timber-framed house Timber frame details modern Fachwerk made by Huf Haus near West LintonScotland In the United States and Canadatimber-frame construction has been revived since the s, and is now[ when?

Once a handcrafted timber frame details passed down, timber-frame construction has now been modernized with the help of modern industrial tools such as CNC machines.

Detail Drawings | TRADA Wood Information

These machines and mass-production techniques have assisted growth and made for more affordable frames and shorter lead-times for projects.

The methods of fastening the frame members also timber frame details. In conventional framing, timber frame details members are joined using nails or other mechanical fasteners, whereas timber framing uses the traditional mortise and tenon or more complex joints that are usually fastened using only wooden pegs.

  • Detail Drawings | TRADA Wood Information
  • Detail Drawings | TRADA Wood Information
  • Timber framing
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  • Timber-frame details

Recently, it has become common practice to enclose the timber structure entirely in manufactured panels such as structural insulated panels SIPs. Although the timbers can only be seen from inside the building when so enclosed, construction is timber frame details complex and insulation is greater than in traditional timber building.

Timber Construction

SIPs are "an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board" according to timber frame details Structural Insulated Panel Association. An alternate construction method is with concrete flooring with extensive use of glass.

This allows a very solid construction combined with open architecture. Straw-bale construction is another alternative where straw bales are stacked for nonload-bearing infill with various finishes applied to the interior timber frame details exterior such as stucco and plaster.

This appeals to the traditionalist and the environmentalist as this is using "found" materials to build.


Mudbricks timber frame details called adobe are sometimes used to fill in timber-frame structures. They can be made on site and offer exceptional fire resistance. Such buildings must be designed to accommodate the poor thermal insulating properties of mudbrick, however, and usually have deep eaves or a veranda on four sides for weather protection.

History and traditions[ edit ] Anne Hathaway's Cottage in Warwickshire: