THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP by Thomas P.M. Barnett “I am proposing a new grand strategy on a par with the Cold War strategy of. The Pentagon's New Map has ratings and 70 reviews. From globalization to the new rule sets of the 21st century, Barnett shows us a world through new. Why the Pentagon Changes Its Maps By Thomas P.M. Barnett Instead, this new world must be defined by where globalization has truly.


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For anyone seeking to understand the Iraqs, Afghanistans, and Liberias of the present and future, the intimate new links between foreign policy the pentagons new map barnett national security, and the operational realities of the world as it exists today, The Pentagon's New Map is a template, a Rosetta stone.

The world can be roughly divided into two groups: Integration of the Gap countries into the global economy will provide opportunities for individuals living in the Gap to improve their lives, thereby presenting a desirable alternative to violence and terrorism.

THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century

The US military is the only force capable of providing the military support to facilitate this integration by serving as the last-ditch rule-enforcer.

Barnett argues that it has been doing so for over 20 years by "exporting" security US spends about half of the world's total the pentagons new map barnett military spending. So on economics, very solid.

But I think the key thing for us is not only to propose the necessary new rule sets, which I think Bush did very, very well in his first the pentagons new map barnett, but to get buy-in from the rest of the world as to the utility and the logic of those rule sets.

Have you been to the Field Museum in Chicago?

THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP by Thomas P.M. Barnett | Kirkus Reviews

Yes, one of my great childhood trips. And there are those two great lions there, the lions that attacked out of the darkness, and destroyed the effort to build the railroad, and killed and killed and killed until they were put down.


The pentagons new map barnett being that railroad, in the gap that you describe in this book, there are lots of lions, and they can upset a lot of globalization. So a lot of the infrastructure we build, besides the hard stuff like roads and physical connections that give us communication technology connectivity, a lot of the infrastructure we need to build is soft.

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Well, the notion of the gap really began about ten, twelve years ago for me, when I was asked to look at the historical record, post-Cold War, of U. Naval crisis response activity around the world.

And the question I asked was, what is it about these regions that are attracting U. Military power time and time again? And can I reduce it down to a simple notion, and give us a sense of the strategy that needs to be undertaken to deal with these situations, because you want to deal with less of them over time.

And the argument I developed, a pretty basic one, is to say, to the pentagons new map barnett, quite frankly, that these regions of the world are the ones that are the least connected to the global economy. No matter how you measure connectivity, the movement of goods and services, the movement of foreign direct investment, students traveling abroad for tertiary education, movement of books and mass media content, the trading and DNA material, network nodes, fiber optic cable laid, no matter how you measured it, the connectivity of the rest of the world was thicker outside that big shape I described, and thinner on the inside.

If you look at the poorest countries in the world, you know, for example, about the fifty poorest countries are…the most poor countries in the world, the ones that are the pentagons new map barnett as low income, something like about of those are found inside my gap.

The vast bulk of the terrorist groups identified by the State Department are found inside that gap.

The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas P.M. Barnett |

And it was brilliantly described. March,the six months, seven months after the attack on The pentagons new map barnett, you give a briefing for the deputy assistant secretaries of the Pentagon, and you announce as you lay out your gap, what you are looking at are the battle lines in the war.

This is the expeditionary theater for the U. Military in the 21st Century. Then you wrote the moment and the map had met, the Pentagon had a new map.

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Well, you see that representation of the non-integrating gap, which often gets described as the arc of instability in lots of Pentagon documents. And why do the Canadians glom onto the same picture? For the same reason why people in the Pentagon glommed onto this picture — it was fact to them.