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Wife says its getting impossible telangana samethalu and husband asks for green gram a kind of lentils, considered premium. Indicates someone being out of touch with reality.

It is similar to the quote attributed to Telangana samethalu Antoinette about asking people to eat cake when they have no bread.

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Illu alaggane pandaga kaadu[ edit ] Illalaggane pandaga kaadu It is a general practice to clean the house on a festival day apart from other things. Here it means thatif you have finished painting your home, it does not mean that the festival is over.

This is similar to saying, if you have read 10 answers, it does not mean you have got A grade in exams. Aadadi tirigi chaedutundi, Magavaadu tiragaka chaedataadu[ edit ] Aadadi tirigi chaedutundi, Magavaadu tiragaka chaedataadu Broadly, this translates to - A woman gets corrupted with too much telangana samethalu, and Man gets corrupted with too little.

In current day, this telangana samethalu be sexist and inappropriate.

The intended message is more telangana samethalu the lines of: Women spending too much time outside home socializing, gossiping etc. Mose vadiki telsu kaavadi baruvu Literally, this proverb means person carrying the sedan chair a type of human powered transport knows the weight of it.

Others[ edit ] This section needs telangana samethalu. Please see its entry in Category: Pages needing translation for discussion. If it is not rewritten in Englishit will be removed.

This is used in the context when the experience of others is not made to use and telangana samethalu do exactly opposite to what is suggested. No wife yet, No pregnancy yet, but planning to name telangana samethalu son as "Somalingam".

Telangana Samethalu – Proverbs

This is used in the context of someone daydreaming about things that are so far ahead in time and nowhere in immediate sight. Someone who is dreaming the future a son's namebut doesnt have the minimum requirements a pregnant wife. Literally, telangana samethalu proverb means telangana samethalu grapes are sour.

UI Improvements [ see more ] Description from Developer: The main motto of this application is to preserve and present the slang of Telangana samethalu is free Lifestyle app, developed by Sai Brahmabatla. We incorporate organic food in our menu to make this globe more sustainable.


We have managed to showcase our class featuring telangana samethalu many esteemed magazines, websites, blogs and receiving praise from renowned food critics.

Telangana samethalu is free Lifestyle app, developed by Sai Brahmabatla.

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