Ruqya is not only for jinn posession, sihr or ayn but it is a cure for everything, even sicknesses Method of self-ruqya . Self Ruqya Treatment. Self-Ruqya Treatment: Do It Yourself Treat Your Family. Dr. Khalid Aljuraisy Language. The self ruqya treatment plan consists of 3 main things: self ruqya, using the ruqya soup and JET treatment. The other treatments that I mention.


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Self-Ruqya Treatment

You must make sure that you have done the above protection adkhar, adhkar before sleeping and the 2 rakah protection salah and that you should have WUDU before going to bed. When one of these nightmares or self ruqya treatment dreams occur, you should: Spit a mixture of air and a little saliva over your left shoulder 3 times.


The possessing jinn will give you a lot of waswas via feelings and whispers to talk about your nightmares and wet dreams because they know when you talk self ruqya treatment it, it will make you depressed and sad.

You must ignore this waswas and not discuss the dream. Change your sleeping position so if you were sleeping on your left side of your body then sleep on your right side self ruqya treatment vice versa.

How to Perform Ruqya on yourself and your home. โ€“ Rayyan Sameer โ€“ Medium

These 2 positions seem to make a person more prone to bad dreams especially wet dreams. Say the following dua: I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from His anger and His punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the self ruqya treatment of devils and from their presence.


Redo your wudu before sleeping again. It might be a good idea to have a basin and jug of water by your bedside so you can redo wudu without going to the bathroom. If non of the above self ruqya treatment well for you then place some ruqya olive oil on your private parts and anus area.

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Also put some of this ruqya olive oil up your nostrils and inside of your ear self ruqya treatment and if possible, drink a little self ruqya treatment this ruqya olive oil, making sure some olive oil touches the roof and back of your mouth and throat.

If you are still having trouble after all of that then you should change the bedroom that you are sleeping in. From my personal experience, during treatment you may see guard jinn that keep an eye on the possessing jinn or other jinn but Self ruqya treatment in their true and real form.

You may see them as animals like cats or in the form of humans.

Self Ruqya Treatment | Ruqya Centre

They will appear see-through or in a ghost form. Your self ruqya treatment or other members of your family may see them as well. On the third night the jinn will be driven out and none will be allowed to enter.


You can keep repeating this action whenever you need to. They should fill a spray bottle with ruqya water and spray around their home and business especially the corners of the walls and ceilings.

The water should have surahs falaq and nass read over it, an odd number of times, preferably 7, and with the intention to destroy self ruqya treatment and jinn.

Self Ruqya Treatment Notes

self ruqya treatment You can put this ruqya water into an aroma therapy diffuser or a similar device and let this ruqya steam spread around the building this ruqya steam would be better than bukhoor or incense as it seems self ruqya treatment jinn consume smoke.

They should also search for any taweez in the house or premises and destroy it correctly, if they find one You can refer to my article and video on this topic.

When you do ruqya treatment the body will go through changes as it cleans out the spiritual ailments so patients experience diarrhoea, vomiting, headaches and self ruqya treatment symptoms.

This is normal for a patient who is NOT sinning and it is usually bearable.

However, if the patient is sinning while doing ruqya treatment then the the severe physical symptoms and unbearable jinn attacks are a sign that self ruqya treatment jinn have power over him because of his sins and that his situation is a punishment from Allah.

It is important for sinning patients to STOP sinning if they want to progress. Wherever a patient complains about physical symptoms self ruqya treatment jinn attacks or jinn issues, we first ask them about sins.