Read 10+ Love stories in English, shared by real lovers. Love story in English, Real Short Heart Touching Romantic Love Story. Check out our picks for the best romance novels that tell timeless stories Mr. Rochester, creepy manor house, and foggy English countryside. In this true short love story, a party girl meets her match as she passes through Montana with a traveling show.


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I moved the pepper spray from my purse to my coat pocket and followed my heart out under the clear, cold stars.

The 10 Best Romance Novels of All Time

I was in the habit of asking the nuns at the bus stop, a barber who paid me to scrub his floor once a week, elderly ladies and children at the park. To this day, I ask people who sit romantic stories in english me on airplanes, baristas at Starbucks, exchange students standing in line with me.

The bear had a good answer: Have you read it? And I was a dork. Having embraced the life romantic stories in english an artsy party girl, I was the black sheep of my conservative Midwestern family, thoroughly enjoying my freedom and a steady diet of wild oats.

Best Romance Novels: 10 Timeless Love Stories | Reader's Digest

A troubled path of drug and alcohol abuse had brought him to romantic stories in english of those legendary moments of clarity at which he made a hard right turn to an almost monkish existence in a tiny mountain cabin.

My bus was leaving in the morning, and we would never see each other again, so there was no need to posture. We had enough money between us for a short stack of buckwheat pancakes. A few morning papers were delivered to the front door, and we worked our way through the crossword puzzle, coffee cups between our hands.


Already the eaves were weeping, icicles thinning on trees and telephone wires. Here are some more hot romance novels to crack open on the beach this summer.

Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy via amazon. Tragedy unfolds amid the canvas of 19th-century Russia, in the most famous of doomed love stories.

A memorable and enduring classic. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon via amazon.

Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction | Penguin Random House

Can romantic stories in english plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy, blond man-magnet? This night was going in the direction of option number two. The place was packed with the crowd spilling onto the back patio to enjoy the warm summer night, and the music was thumping at a gotta-shout level.

All eyes turned to the door when she walked in.


A path cleared as six-foot-tall Miranda, platinum-blond hair hanging past her curvy hips, wiggled her way onto the dance floor. Her shadow certainly swallows me whole, but hey, not everyone wants to be in the spotlight.

Suits me just fine. We boogied to the hip song of the moment and soon enough, a few gutsy gals left the security of the scattered tables and joined us.

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For the most part, men at bars are idiots. I bumped back hard enough that he had to catch his balance.

Romantic Short Stories Collection [English] - Wattpad

She starts her prison sentence tomorrow. This is kind of a last hurrah. Perhaps prison stripes are a turn-on for some guys. Although her ex might be writing to her, too.