Fajront republika - Rambo Amadeus drugi deo 2. - Duration: flomasterVIDEO 21, views. Rambo Amadeus Antonije Pušić (Serbian Cyrillic: Антоније Пушић, June 14, Fajront Republika (Serbian: Фајронт република) was a Serbian talk show. Sexpresso: Rambo Amadeus PLEASE READ THIS! if you like please subscribe and leave comments.


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He began to sing and compose during first year of high school gymnasium which soon led to involvement with various local bands in Herceg Novi and Titograd.

Rambo Amadeus - Euro Neuro - Most Popular Videos

One of his first performances saw him play the mandolin in rambo amadeus fajront republika orchestra that entertained guests of Herceg Novi 's Plaza hotel.

Inhe moved to Belgrade in pursuit of higher education. Parallel to his university studies, he also played with various amateur bands and musicians. Musical career s In he dropped onto the music scene rambo amadeus fajront republika out of nowhere with a debut album O tugo jesenja.

His sound was a seemingly coarse blend of folkish ululations and even opera, further mixed in with humorous lyrics and classic guitar riffs.

He referred to his own musical style as turbo folk rambo amadeus fajront republika, long before the term would obtain grave social rambo amadeus fajront republika and come to symbolize moral and cultural decline throughout the Balkans during the wars of the s. The record's sales weren't particularly high, but Rambo certainly created enough of a buzz to be able to remain active on the scene.

Album sleeve lists the lyrics of a song that wasn't actually recorded and explains that "it was dropped at the last moment because there was no room for it" but gives assurances it would appear on the next album.


Since the song rambo amadeus fajront republika question, named "Pegepe ertebe", was all about taking shots at Rambo's label PGP RTB it isn't surprising that it didn't appear on the next, or any subsequent album for that matter.

His third album M came out towards the end of at a time when the conflict across former Yugoslavia was already in full swing. For rambo amadeus fajront republika reasons, the least of which was the album's subtitle — Psychological Propaganda Set, many songs contained heavy lyrics and a dark, militaristic atmosphere.

In your face profanity and descriptive cursing was also par for the course, making this the first major music release in former Yugoslavia to take such narrative liberties.

Rambo u Piramidi

The discrepancy between what's listed on the rambo amadeus fajront republika and what is actually recorded is there again as sleeve announces the track called "KPGS" which would, this rambo amadeus fajront republika for real, appear on the next live album, but does not list "Halid invalid Hari" and "Prijatelju, prijatelju" which were included and became big hits.

Many consider the two tracks to be classic Rambo: Unlike its previous two tries that aired nightly, Fajront Republika was broadcast weekly, probably due to specific editing requirements.

Shot on a set that resembles a kafana with a bar and a stage, the programme was also geared towards a younger audience much more so than a fore mentioned shows. The census show that Even in official government documents this constitutional requirement is rarely enforced, Serbian is a rare example of synchronic digraphia, a situation where all literate rambo amadeus fajront republika of a society have two interchangeable writing systems available to them.

Media and publishers typically select one alphabet or another, for example, the public broadcaster, Radio Television of Serbia, predominantly uses the Cyrillic script whereas the privately run broadcasters, like RTV Pink, predominantly use the Latin script.

Apart from the mood, there is rambo amadeus fajront republika the imperative mood.

The conditional mood has two more tenses, the first conditional and the second conditional, Serbian has active and passive voice. As for the verb forms, Serbian has one infinitive. Most Serbian words are of native Slavic lexical stock, tracing back to the Proto-Slavic language, there are many loanwords from different languages, reflecting cultural interaction rambo amadeus fajront republika history.


In the midth century, Serbia was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, however, some of the greatest literary works in Serbian come from this time, in the form of oral literature, the most notable form being Serbian epic poetry.

The epic rambo amadeus fajront republika were written down in the 19th century, and preserved in oral tradition up to the s 4. From the beginning of Junethe show went on hiatus with assumption that it would be returning in the fall.


However, on 6 Rambo amadeus fajront republikaFox televizija announced that Oralno doba will not be included on the fall schedule. She finally reproached the host for conducting his interviews in a manner with stereotypical questions always prefaced with You once said in an interview.

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Another reason was having to pretend Im having a pleasant time interviewing the guests I didnt rambo amadeus fajront republika in the first place 5.

Kafana — Most kafanas feature live rambo amadeus fajront republika performances. Nowadays in Serbia, the term kafana is similarly used describe any informal eatery serving traditional cuisine, in the days of 18th and early 19th century, running a kafana was a family business, a craft, passed on from generation to generation.

As the Balkan cities grew in size and became more urbanized, some started serving food and offering other enticements to potential customers since owners now had to compete with other similar establishments around the city.