Bücher bei : Jetzt Pro Bash Programming von Chris Johnson versandkostenfrei online kaufen bei , Ihrem Bücher-Spezialisten! Source code for 'Pro Bash Programming' by Chris Johnson - Apress/pro-bash-programming. Chris F.A. Johnson was introduced to Unix in and learned shell scripting because there was no C compiler on the system. His first major project was a.


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Chris uses the shell as his primary, general-purpose programming language, and his projects have included a member database, menuing system, and POP3 mail filtering and retrieval.

Pro Bash Programming

Chris pro bash programming the author of Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach Apress, When not pushing shell scripting to pro bash programming limit, he designs and codes web sites, teaches chess, and composes cryptic crosswords.

Input, Output, and Throughput Chapter Three: Looping and Branching Chapter Four: Parameters and Variables Chapter Six: Shell Functions Chapter Eight: File Operations and Commands Chapter Nine: Programming for the Command Line Chapter Twelve: Runtime Configuration Chapter Fourteen: Scripting the Screen Chapter Fifteen: Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The shell is not just glue that sticks bits together. The shell is a lot more than a tool that runs other tools.

Pro Bash Programming Buch von Chris Johnson portofrei bestellen

The shell is a complete programming language! When a Linux user asked me about membership databases, I asked him what he really needed.

He wanted to store names and addresses for a couple of hundred members and print mailing labels pro bash programming each of them. I recommended using a text editor to store the information in a text file, and I provided a shell script to create the labels pro bash programming PostScript.

Pro Bash Programming

The script, ps-labels, appeared in my first book, Shell Scripting Recipes: When the SWEN worm was dumping hundreds of megabytes of junk into my mailbox every few minutes, I wrote a shell script to filter them pro bash programming on the mail server and download the remaining mail to my home computer.

That script has been doing its job for several years. I used to tell people that I did most of my programming in the shell but switched to C for anything that needed the extra speed.

It has been several years since I have needed to use C, so I no pro bash programming mention it. I pro bash programming everything in the shell.

A shell script is as much a program as anything written in C, Python, pro bash programming any other language. Just because shell scripts are easier to write doesn't mean they should take a back seat to compiled programs or other scripting languages.


I use the terms script and program interchangeably when referring to tasks written in the shell. Some Linux users do all of their work in a GUI environment and never see a command line.

Most, however, use the shell at pro bash programming occasionally and know something about Unix commands.