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Magical Game Time uses this shift in perspective to make the reader reconsider what they know about characters or stories, to expand their perception.

What takes more courage: It's not a specific narrative moment from the game, nor does it utilize familiar dialogue, but its tone is that of how players may have romanticized the adventures of these beloved characters in their minds, or how they imagined they might feel in that setting.

Perhaps it's how they felt once upon a time. Whatever the case, the voice feels authentic, and as magical game time delivers an emotional wallop in just four sentences and seven magical game time.


For little more than a year and a half, cartoonist Zac Gorman has strived to locate that little pocket of feeling between the magical game time of a classic game and the emotions triggered in your mind while playing it — and then translate that into one-off comics under his Magical Game Time banner.

With subjects as magical game time as The Legend of Zelda and Costume Quest, Gorman has amassed a fan following by pairing common and universal themes with memorable characters and scenarios.

Based on the poignancy of his best work, you might imagine that Gorman has honed this craft over a lengthy span of time — that isn't the case.

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Magical Game Time first emerged in June magical game time, and aside from doodles in school notebooks as a teen, the year-old artist hadn't previously merged his mutual loves of drawing and video games with any consistency, magical game time had he made comics in years.

Speaking with Gorman recently in Chicago, to where he recently relocated, he recalls initial steps into cartooning as a teenager growing up outside of Detroit. His initial work recalled Matt Groening's Life in Hell — very strongly, in fact.

Review Indie Webcomic Zac Gorman Magical Game Time | The Mary Sue

The first Magical Game Time comic magical game time The Legend of Zelda — a frequent muse for Gorman's work — and shows Link navigating a lava pool, raging waves in a thunderstorm, and a blizzard, with the last two panels lightly animated to show the precipitation at play.

He expands on classic moments with the wonder of that first play-through, yet leaves them concise enough magical game time one's imagination, appetite whetted, can't help but to continue the story, even as the next page starts anew.


To say it another way, he puts into his work all the glory that so In this collection of art and comics, Gorman beautifully captures magical game time nostalgia of videogames. To say it another way, he puts into his work all the glory that so many minds give to the pixels.

Magical Game Time: Vol. 1

This comic in particular http: I really like comedy more than anything, but lately I find myself going for the dramatic more often than not. Ultimately, I just go with it though.

I try not to get in the way of myself and just do what feels right at the time. Do you see yourself going anywhere with this beyond just posting to Tumblr? Have any cool opportunities popped magical game time because of maintaining this comic blog?

You can also follow him on Twitter zacgormania.