Part 1. Before and at arrival into the adoptive home. J Pediatr Health Care, .. Ley Orgánica 1/, de 15 de enero, de Protección Jurídica del Menor, de. Regulation of traffic in, abduction and return of minors in Spain. Legislation. Ley Orgánica 1/ del 15 de enero de de protección Jurídica del Menor. Véase el artículo 3 de la Ley 7/, de 15 de enero, de Ordenación del Téngase en cuenta que la Ley 1/, de 7 de enero, de Enjuiciamiento Civil.


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Finally, as to the constitutional distribution of powers, the promotion and encouragement of volunteering is an exclusive competence of the state, why the law limits its scope to the volunteers and organizations involved or develop statewide programs or supra regional as well as those who participate in programs that carry out state exclusive competence.

The Act provides, therefore, organized volunteer work, that is, which is developed within the scope of a public or private entity, excluding isolated or sporadic actions performed for reasons of friendship, kindness and good neighborhood. Voluntary action is completely disclaimed the Act any form of paid services, whether civil, labor, civil service or commercial.

This distinction between voluntary and employee is strengthened further with the establishment of a broad picture of rights and duties of volunteers, ley 1 1996 de 15 de enero must be respected and observed by the organizations and volunteers, thus constituting the obligatory reference to any conflict that may arise between women and men.

In the same vein these rights and duties are ley 1 1996 de 15 de enero with the letters of the volunteers of the NGOs in our country have a longer tradition in this field.

Constitución Española - Varios autores - Google Buku

The Act does not distinguish where reality has not done so, and contemplates the volunteerism in its diversity without coining new terms that in no way help to clarify the already complex and rich panorama Spanish associations.

Consequently, any organization, public or private, that meets the requirements set forth in the Act lack of profit, legally constituted, have legal personality and conduct programs under the general activities that the Act itself mentions can count on the cooperation of volunteers, being then subjected, for them, the legal regime established in ley 1 1996 de 15 de enero Act With the aim of contributing to the promotion of volunteerism the Act provides a number of measures.


These measures aim is to promote volunteerism without detracting from its joint nature, altruistic and free, but while recognizing the value of volunteer activities for the whole of society. Thus, for example, provides for the promotion by the State Administration of technical assistance tools, training programs, information services and outreach and recognition of volunteer activities.

Normativa española y europea

It also provides certain benefits for volunteers as social recognition and measurement of their performance. Finally, the Act addresses the situation of foreign volunteers in extending to them the application of its provisions.


This Act is to promote and facilitate the joint participation of citizens in volunteer activities, within nonprofit organizations public or private. This Act shall apply to volunteers who participate in programs at the state or supra regional as well as to the appropriate organizations in developing such programs.

Clinical Practice Guideline for Eating Disorders.

It also applies to volunteers and organizations who participate in activities that develop State exclusive jurisdiction.

For the purposes of this Act, the term voluntary set of general activities, developed by individuals, provided they are not made under an employment relationship, civil service, commercial or any other paid and meets the following requirements: Voluntary actions are excluded isolated, sporadic or loaned outside public or private non-profit, executed by family, friendship and good neighborliness.

Voluntary activity may in no case ley 1 1996 de 15 de enero paid work.

Activities of general interest. Means activities of general interest, for purposes of the provisions of the preceding article, welfare, social services, civic, educational, cultural, scientific, sports, health, development cooperation, environmental defense, defense of the economy or research, development of community life, to promote volunteering, or any other of similar nature.

Volunteers shall be considered as individuals commit themselves freely to carry out the activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4.

Rights of the volunteer. Volunteers have the following rights: Duties of the volunteer. Volunteers are required to: The organizations with the presence of volunteers will be constituted, endowed with legal personality, lack of profit and develop programs in the framework of general interest activities ley 1 1996 de 15 de enero in Article 4 of this Act the various ministries within the appropriations provided for this purpose may provide grants or enter into agreements with volunteer organizations provided that the requirements of general law on subsidies and are conducted in accordance with criteria of transparency and fairness in the way established regulations.

These organizations shall, in any case: The incorporation of volunteer organizations to be made in writing by the relevant agreement or commitment, and determination of the altruistic nature of the relationship, have at least the following contents: The volunteer will be provided consistent with membership in the organization.