With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recognize how much time and effort you have to devote to your landscape design ideas and maintenance, and select. The 4 Elements of Landscape Design Composition. LINE – Lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved. FORM – Forms are associated with three-dimensional objects. COLOR – Color tends to be the most used (as well as over-used) element of landscape design composition. Line is one of the most important and useful of all design elements. Strong lines can draw your eye into the landscape, directing both where people look and.


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The 7 Elements of Landscape Design

Vertical lines project a sense landscape design elements strength and movement. No matter which types of line you use, be aware that lines lead the eye. Lines going away from you on the ground draw you forward.

On this project in Pacific Palisades, CA, an existing and landscape design elements row of ficus was reduced by half knowing it landscape design elements still more than adequately enclose the patio. Illustration by David Despau. Just yesterday, as I was starting the design of a patio that I wanted to separate from an adjacent play area, it gave me instant guidance for how tall a hedge I would need: While color and texture add interest and richness to a design, it is mass, form and line that are critical to organizing space and providing structure.

Understanding these key design elements is the first step in creating a harmonious, unified landscape.


Two similar designs for a patio garden can be used to explore the elements of design. Line Line is used to carry the eye through a landscape and to landscape design elements physical flow and connectivity.

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Vertical lines carry the eye skyward and are useful in expanding small spaces. Strong horizontal lines can make a space feel broader.

8 Landscape Design Principles | Garden Design

See if the colors of their design match and the plants and landscape design elements are proper scale to each other and to their house.

Take a look at the form of the plants used.


Did they use tall plants to bring you eye up? Or maybe they used too many low plants keeping your eye along the horizon. Check to see if they have any texture in their design.

landscape design elements

Elements of Landscape Design - Landscaping Network

Did they use some tall grasses to offset their annuals? White flowers scream, 'Look at me!

However, if you are trying to create a focal point, white is great. The Creative Gardener's Guide to Jumping Off the Color Wheel Line Often line refers to the structures within a landscape—think of the edges of a walkway or flower bed, or the perimeter of a patio or deck.

Plants, pavements and other site elements all have their own texture. Contrasting textures add interest to a landscape and should play an important landscape design elements in design composition.

Landscape plants and flowers possess a wide landscape design elements of textural attributes, including leaf, flower shape and surface, bark and stems. All of these can greatly enrich the visual quality of a cleveland landscape composition.