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On what legal essentials the duty to protect the commercial secrets of the Company is stated?

How we must formalize the commercial duties of the Company in a proper komercinis pasiulymai reasonable manner and how we must implement the protection of commercial secrets to work inside the Company?

What the opportunities occur to practice the international legal acts in situation of safeguarding komercinis pasiulymai protection of commercial secrets?

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How to deal with the questions of the mischief loss compensation if we meet with transgression of protection of commercial komercinis pasiulymai, and what types of legal responsibility is provided by legal system of the country?

These and many other of questions concerning protection of commercial secrets of the Company are considered to be a problem, because of incoherent regulation of protection of commercial secrets in Lithuania, and also an unassuming examples of the courts not hinder somebody to answer properly to many of the questions mentioned above.

komercinis pasiulymai

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The aim and tasks of the research. The aim of the research is to evaluate critically the protection komercinis pasiulymai commercial secrets of the Company in Lithuania.

It means that the aim is to analyze basic elements of protection komercinis pasiulymai commercial secrets as follows: Having the aim to effect the results of this research, in these thesis are raised the tasks as follows: The research on protection of commercial secrets and the results which were attained on the basis of the research, all of which are represented in the thesis, is the first dissertation in Lithuania, where from the viewpoint of formal legal regulation and also juristic doctrines are analyzed not only the objects of commercial secrets of the Company and the protection of theirs, but altogether the concepts of protection of commercial secrets of the Company and the theories of legal presumptions are unclosed; the requirements to protect confidential information of the Company in the form of protection of commercial secrets are analyzed; the relations of commercial secrets of the Company and of other komercinis pasiulymai forms of industrial property are represented; and also is named the proper mechanism of implementation of protection of komercinis pasiulymai secrets, and concrete measures with the aim to achieve the mentioned targets.

In the thesis are generally quoted the origins concerning subject of the research - juridical acts, juridical doctrines, an opinions of authoritative repositories of the law, an attitudes and positions, also the author pursues to find arguments which might to verify or disprove them invoking examples of practice of the courts.


Find out the details by phone: Near the site passes one of the major freight traffic flows komercinis pasiulymai the region - the komercinis pasiulymai P42, leading from Grodno to the Belarusian-Lithuanian border and connects the city of Grodno and Vilnius.

The territory of the area there is a staircase - asphalt road.

1250 kv. m. komercinio pastato priešprojektiniai pasiūlymai ir vizualizacija - Vilnius

Land around the perimeter is completely fenced concrete fence. In the border area.

The hotel is located within the village, meters from public transport.