It was among the earliest of all English language novels. It tells of Joseph Andrews, a footman, and his travels on the road from London with his friend Abraham. Joseph Andrews, or The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams, was the first published full-length novel of the English author Henry Fielding, and indeed among the first novels in the English language. The novel draws on a variety of y‎: ‎Britain. Joseph Andrews, in full The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams, novel by Henry Fielding, published in It was written as a reaction against Samuel Richardson's novel Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded .


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Joseph Andrews

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Uh Oh There was a problem with your submission. Please try again later. Having seen the corrupting influence of wealth joseph andrews novel the town, he retires with his new wife to the rural solitude in which Adams, Fanny and Joseph now find them.

The only break in his contentment, and one which will turn out to be significant to the plot, was the kidnapping of his eldest son, whom he has not seen since.

Wilson promises to visit Adams when he passes through his parish, and after another mock-epic battle on the road, this time with a party of hunting dogsthe trio proceed to the house of a local squire, where Fielding illustrates another contemporary social ill by having Adams subjected to a humiliating roasting.

Enraged, the three depart to the nearest inn to find that, while at the squire's house, they had been robbed of their last half-guinea. To compound their misery, the squire has Adams and Joseph accused of kidnapping Fanny, to have them detained while he orders the joseph andrews novel of the girl himself.

Joseph Andrews Summary -

She is rescued in transit, however, by Lady Booby's steward, Peter Pounce, and all four of them complete the remainder of the journey to Booby Hall together.

Book IV[ edit ] On seeing Joseph arrive back in the parish, a jealous Lady Booby meanders through emotions as diverse as rage, pity, hatred, pride and love. The next morning Joseph and Fanny's banns are published and the Lady turns her anger joseph andrews novel Parson Adams, who is accommodating Fanny at his house.

Finding herself powerless either to stop the marriage or to expel them from the parish, she enlists the help of Lawyer Scout, who joseph andrews novel a spurious charge of larceny against Joseph joseph andrews novel Fanny to prevent, or at least postpone, the wedding.

Three days later, the Lady's plans are foiled by the visit of her nephew, Mr Booby, and a surprise guest: Booby has married Pamela, granting Joseph a powerful new ally and brother-in-law. What is more, Booby joseph andrews novel an acquaintance of the justice presiding over Joseph and Fanny's trial, and instead of Bridewellhas them committed to his own custody.

Knowing of his sister's antipathy to the two lovers, Booby offers to reunite Joseph with his sister and take him and Fanny into his own joseph andrews novel and his own family.


In a discourse with Joseph on stoicism and fatalismAdams instructs his friend to submit to the will of God and control joseph andrews novel passions, even in the face of overwhelming tragedy.

In the kind of cruel juxtaposition usually reserved for Fielding's less savoury characters, Adams is informed that his youngest son, Jacky, has drowned. After indulging his grief in a manner contrary to his lecture a few minutes previously, Adams is informed that the report was premature, and that his son had in fact joseph andrews novel rescued by the same peddler that loaned him his last few shillings in Book II.

Fanny is unattracted to his bold attempts of courtship.

Joseph Andrews Summary

Didapper is a little too joseph andrews novel in his approach and provokes Joseph into a fight. The Lady and the beau depart in disgust, but the peddler, having seen the Lady, is compelled to relate a tale.


The peddler had met his wife while in the army, and she died young. While on her death bed, she confessed that she once stole an exquisitely beautiful baby girl from a family named Joseph andrews novel, and sold her on to Sir Thomas Booby, thus raising the possibility that Fanny may in fact be Joseph's sister.

But the lawyer, who was afraid of some mischief happening to himself, if the wretch was left behind in that condition, saying no man could be too cautious in these matters, and that he remembered very extraordinary cases in the books, threatened the coachman, and bid him deny taking him up at his peril; for that, if he died, he should be indicted for his murder; and if he lived, and brought an action against him, he would willingly take a brief in it.

These words had a sensible effect on the coachman, who was well acquainted with the person who spoke them; and the old gentleman above mentioned, thinking the naked man would afford him frequent opportunities of showing his wit to the lady, offered to join with the company in joseph andrews novel a mug of beer for his fare; till, partly alarmed by the threats of the one, and partly by the promises of the other, and being perhaps a little moved with compassion at the poor creature's condition, who stood bleeding and shivering with the cold, he at length agreed; and Joseph was now advancing to the coach, where, seeing the lady, who held the sticks of her fan before her eyes, he absolutely refused, miserable as he was, to enter, unless he was furnished with sufficient covering to prevent giving the least offence to decency — so perfectly modest was this young man Though there were several greatcoats about the coach, it was not easy to get over this difficulty which Joseph had started.