Author: Owen, John, Title: Pneumatologia, or, A discourse concerning the Holy Spirit wherein an account is given of his name, nature, personality. This is a restatement and simplification of John Owen's original work, but not a paraphrase. Its purpose is to make it more accessible to a modern audience of. Pneumatologia, or, A discourse concerning the Holy Spirit wherein an account is and a course of moral vertues, are stated and declared / by John Owen.


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In he took a leading part in the conference of Independents which drew up the Savoy Declaration the doctrinal standard of Congregationalism which was based upon the Westminster Confession of Faith.

He assisted in the restoration of the Rump Parliamentand, when John owen pneumatologia Monck began his march into England, Owen, in the name of the Independent churches, to which Monck was supposed to belong, and who were anxious about his intentions, wrote to dissuade him.

In Marchthe Presbyterian party being uppermost, Owen was deprived of his deanery, which was given back to Reynolds.


He retired to Stadham, where he wrote various controversial and theological works, in particular his laborious Theologoumena Pantodapa, a history of the rise and progress of theology.

The respect in which many of the authorities held his intellectual eminence won him an immunity denied john owen pneumatologia other Nonconformists. In the celebrated Fiat Lux, a work by the Franciscan monk John Vincent Canewas published; in it, the oneness and beauty of Roman Catholicism are contrasted with the confusion and multiplicity of Protestant sects.

At Clarendon's request Owen answered this in in his Animadversions; and so great was the success of that work that he was offered preferment if he would conform. Owen's condition was liberty to john owen pneumatologia who disagreed in doctrine with the Church of England ; nothing therefore came of the negotiation.


The Conventicle and Five John owen pneumatologia Acts drove him to London; and inafter the Great Firehe, like other leading Nonconformist ministers, set up a room for public service and gathered a congregation, composed chiefly of the old Commonwealth officers.

Various papers passed, and after a year the attempt was closed by the following laconical note from Owen: At home, too, he was busy in the same cause.

Owen answered him Truth and Innocence Vindicated ; Parker replied offensively. In john owen pneumatologia or the following year Harvard College invited him to become its president; he received similar invitations from some of the Dutch universities.

John Owen (theologian) - Wikipedia

He was respected by many of the nobility, and john owen pneumatologia both King Charles II and his brother King James II assured him of their good wishes to the dissenters. Charles gave him guineas to relieve those on whom the severe laws had pressed, and he was able to procure the release of John Bunyanwhose preaching he admired.

From this time untilhe was engaged on his ministry and writing. Inhowever, Stillingfleet having on 11 May preached his sermon on "The Mischief of Separation," Owen defended the Nonconformists from the charge of schism in his Brief Vindication.

Owen john owen pneumatologia answered this, and then left the controversy to a swarm of eager combatants.

From this time to his death he was occupied with continual writing, disturbed only by suffering from kidney stones and asthmaand john owen pneumatologia the absurd charge of being concerned in the Rye House Plot. His most important work was his Treatise on Evangelical Churches, in which were contained his latest views regarding church government.


He died at Ealingjust twenty-one years after he had gone out with so many john owen pneumatologia on St Bartholomew's day inand was buried on 4 September in Bunhill Fields.

Just as Owen, Comrie stresses the point that before God gives faith to the sinner, He looks to the merits of Christ. It is because of the merits of Christ that the sinner receives the gift of faith to believe in Christ for salvation.

For Comrie, Owen was john owen pneumatologia theological authority who he could well use for his own theology of justification by faith.

John Owen (theologian)

Works in print[ edit ] As of [update]the majority of Owen's voluminous works are still in print: Communion with God, Christian Heritage.

Works of John Owen The Challenge to Personal Godliness. An john owen pneumatologia by James M.


Houston for modern readers of two of Owen's works. The Glory of Christ: His Office and His Grace.

A Brief John owen pneumatologia and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, as also of the Person and Satisfaction of Christ - a refutation of Socinianismin particular against the teaching of John Biddle.

Baarssen 'Owen in een Nederlandsch gewaat Enkele opmerkingen over de receptie van geschriften john owen pneumatologia John Owen — door Alexander Comrie — ' in Documentatieblad Nadere Reformatie, 38 no. John Owen and the Civil War Apocalypse.