India is now ranks third on the list of HIV affected countries. In , US National Intelligence Council made a projection: About million people will be living with HIV in India by They got it. While the National AIDS Control Organisation estimated that million people live with HIV/AIDS in India in , a more recent investigation by the Million Death Study Collaborators in the British Medical Journal estimates the population to be between – million people.‎HIV statistics, · ‎Government policies · ‎Treatment · ‎List of ART centers.


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Stigma hiv in india discrimination against sex workers restrict their access to healthcare. A study in Andhra Pradesh indicated a significant association between police abuse and increased risk of HIV transmission and inconsistent condom use.

InNACO reported reaching The majority of HIV surveillance data collected by the NACO is done through annual unlinked anonymous testing of prenatal clinic or antenatal clinics and sexually hiv in india infection clinic attendees.


Community-based testing was formally adopted towards the end of ; however it still needs hiv in india be rolled-out. Technical support will need to be sustained in this area.

In order to rapidly scale-up high impact interventions towards Fast-Track targets e. New sources of financing for the coming years, particularly post, will need to be explored.

A conducive legal environment is central to ensure the rights to health and other services for PLHIV and key populations, including non-discrimination, inclusion and social protection. While there has been momentum in advancing passage of the HIV Bill in Parliament during —as part of community hiv in india movements—and advancing transgenders rights through the Transgender Hiv in india, they are yet to be passed by the Parliament.

The goal now is to achieve zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero discrimination.


Already,of thehigh schools in India trained teachers and peer educators hiv in india pass on life skills and preventive messages. Click here to Read more about National Teachers Awards.

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ByIndia had expanded targeted interventions for FSWs, injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, transgender people, single male migrants, long-distance truckers etc hiv in india the six high prevalence states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Nagaland and Manipur.

Highlights In India, 2.


The government's social protection programmes have provided more than 1 million benefits to people infected and affected by HIV. Back home in Rajasthan, Purshottam consulted local doctors, who blamed him for hiv in india illness and offered no support and even less hope.