The Dogs Of War by Frederick Forsyth. An astonishing discovery is made in the remote African republic of Zangaro, one which c. Dogs of War [Frederick Forsyth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. #1 New York Times bestselling author Frederick Forsyth delivers an. Frederick Forsyth has blocked out the plot of what must surely become his third In short, “The Dogs of War” falls as far below “Odessa” in its.


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Despite this, thanks to the president of Zangaro, Jean Kimba, being Marxisthomicidal, insane, and under Soviet influence, any public announcement of the findings would benefit only the Russians.

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Confiding only in his top assistants, security chief Simon Endean and financial expert Martin Thorpe, Manson plans to depose Kimba and install a puppet leader who, for a pittance, will sign over Zangaro's mining rights to a shell company secretly owned by Manson.

Upon being recommended from a freelance writer, Endean hires Anglo-Irish mercenary soldier "Cat" Shannon to reconnoitre Frederick forsyth dogs of war, and to investigate how Kimba might be deposed.

After visiting the country posing as a frederick forsyth dogs of war, Shannon reports that the army has little fighting value and that Kimba has concentrated the national armoury, treasury and radio station within the presidential palace in Clarence, the Zangaran capital city and principal port.

If the palace is stormed and Kimba killed, there will be no opposition to any new regime.

'Dogs of War' author Frederick Forsyth in Guinea-Bissau as president assassinated

Because there is no organised dissident faction in Zangaro, the attacking force will have to be assembled outside the country frederick forsyth dogs of war land near Clarence to launch the attack. Although Shannon has dealt only with Endean who is using a false name, he has had Endean tailed by a private investigator and has discovered his true identity and his involvement with Sir James Manson.

Although Manson has taken steps to silence the few people aware of the Crystal Mountain platinum deposit, the chemist who analysed the samples has inadvertently revealed his findings to the Soviets, who assign a KGB bodyguard to Kimba while they prepare to send in their own geological survey team.

Manson learns from a Foreign Office bureaucrat that the Soviets have got wind of the deposit. He commissions Shannon to organise and mount the coup, to take place on the eve of Zangaro's independence day, one hundred days hence, although he does not tell Shannon frederick forsyth dogs of war the Soviet involvement.

Dogs of War

Part 2 - The Hundred Days[ edit ] Shannon assembles his old team to execute the attack on Frederick forsyth dogs of war palace: Semmler travels Europe looking for a suitable cargo ship to transport them and their equipment to Zangaro.

Dupree remains in London to buy all their uniforms, boots, haversacks and sleeping bags. Effective organization and planning is very very important.

Without it you don't have a chance. A soldier's life is not a glamorous one.


Forsyth does an excellent job of showing what goes into organizing a professional and effective military force and combat operation. It's a tedious and time consuming job. He shows that a one hour combat operation involving a few dozen soldiers entails several thousand hours of planning and training.

frederick forsyth dogs of war

'Dogs of War' author Frederick Forsyth in Guinea-Bissau as president assassinated - Telegraph

I did see the movie, with Christopher Walken very young and not quite as wooden and weird as he is now some years ago. It follows the book for the most part, though it adds a few things.

One of the elements that the movie adds is that it makes The Dogs of War an action-adventure. You see, the book is a manual for the preparation and execution a mercenary-led coup in a Third World country, in frederick forsyth dogs of war s. He struggled out of the rubble and was promptly shot.