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So really the fact that kids and their parents have been able to kind of reconnect or connect in a different way through the books darth vader and son just kind of this extra happy accident.

One thing I really love about the stories is they bring a silly, childlike side to Star Wars. Were you nervous or did you have any apprehensions when you first decided to take the saga in that direction?

Maybe about how people would react to it? I mean, not really. I think I was never really too worried.


I would say that these books go over great with all our fans! How did you decide what each character was going to be like in this new dynamic?


Do you have a thought process that you go through before you start writing? The basic dynamics, a lot darth vader and son the time, are the same. One thing I really enjoy about the books is sometimes you include some of the more obscure characters.

Darth Vader and Son [Hardcover]

How do you determine which characters you want to include — do you try to have a mix of prequel and original trilogy characters or do you watch the films and darth vader and son sort of pick out any cool lesser-known characters?

And so sometimes it was just knowing that I wanted to work darth vader and son a certain character, certain scene, and then sometimes I had a certain idea of an aspect of either friendship, or parenthood that I wanted to tackle and then just thinking about what scene from Star Wars could I draw a parallel to, or which character would be fun to put in that situation.

Do you have a specific creature that might have been more difficult to draw but you really wanted to get them in there?

For instance, the addition of a wailing little Luke turns the Bounty Hunter scene into, as one bounty hunter's thought balloon puts it, Awkward!

Darth Vader And Son : NPR

Trick-or-treating, toy shopping, a day at the zoo, and more are rejiggered with a lighthearted, charming tone. However, the book also provides ample proof darth vader and son adding a babysitting Darth Vader to any Star Wars situation makes it gently humorous.

Brown's signature scratchy style is embellished with full color and stripped-down likenesses.


Oh, Obi-Wan, why did you spirit those children away? I now read it with my five-year-old daughter, who cracks up at little Luke and a much kinder, gentler Darth Vader.

It playfully posits the question "What if Darth Vader had actually raised Luke?

Overall, Darth Vader and Son is a fun read for adult Star Wars fans who like a good laugh, as well as for children just learning to love these characters. Click for more information on our Delivery Options.

Close by Brown, Jeffrey 0 A hilarious re-imagining darth vader and son what it would be like if Darth Vader had taken an active role in raising his son Luke, with a refreshing twist and illustrations. Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using darth vader and son Force to raid the cookie jar, and more.