By Mike Bax Perseus/DaCapo Books While it's understood within the metal community that Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was arrested. Dark Days by Randy Blythe. The incredible memoir from Lamb of God frontman, Randy Blythe. In , a nineteen-year. Dark Days has ratings and reviews. La Petite Américaine said: I have a weakness for anyone who comes back from the Czech Republic with a fucked u.


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I had followed and supported Randy in his whole ordeal with what had happened during one of his shows where he was falsely accused of manslaughter for pushing a fan offstage which ultimately ended in his death. So of course when I knew that he dark days randy blythe writing a book about all of his ordeals with the situation, I just HAD to read it.

This book came out not very dark days randy blythe ago and I rushed to get it the day that the library had it available.


This book has so much humor in just the right places as well as seriousness put together. I was hooked with just the first few sentences and was in major happiness mode knowing that I am reading a book that the singer from my favorite band dark days randy blythe wrote.

You can really see his voice, his personality in every single sentence in the book. He is very honest, speaks nothing but the truth.

Dark Days A Memoir – D. Randall Blythe – Review

This is a very emotional book and had me laughing and in a certain part towards the end I had even cried. This book will have you laughing, and crying, and just sitting on the edge of your seat.

  • Excerpt from the Memoir ‘Dark Days’ by Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)
  • Dark Days: A Memoir by D. Randall Blythe
  • Dark Days: My Tribulations and Trials by D. Randall Blythe
  • Excerpt from the Memoir ‘Dark Days’ by Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)
  • Dark Days: My Tribulations and Trials
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When reading this book I have learned how selfless he is. I had never realized dark days randy blythe amazing, thoughtful and caring this guy was until I read his book.

I was just a regular fan who was all about their music, but now I am a fan who respects him and his decisions he made.


I respect the whole band in sticking together through his situation as they were there for him no matter what. I definitely look up to him now as well as the rest of the band.

Dark Days: A Memoir

Knowing what kind of guy he really is. This is a rare thing to find in people these days.

This book is very inspiring. Randy gives great advice for people dark days randy blythe are dealing with drug addictions, legal troubles, drinking problems or just plain out having a rough life.

He also explains that dark days randy blythe is not just about being a musician in a band to actually make a career out of it. He tells of his emotions of how one of his best friends from Slipknot had died. The doctor began to stand, then, quickly thinking better of it, leaned some of his considerable bulk over the table and pointed his cigarette accusingly at my crotch.

Dark Days A Memoir – D. Randall Blythe – Review | Lithium Magazine

This time it was a statement of fact, as dark days randy blythe he had just caught me red-handed, shagging his favorite teenaged granddaughter in dark days randy blythe barn out back.

Whew, I thought, that was a close one, as if I had actually done something to escape his ire other than have a healthy penis. As the doctor extinguished his cigarette and lit up a fresh one, a pleasant-faced brunette nurse in her late forties entered the room and broke out in a huge and beautiful smile when she saw me.

I like Beach Boys! Her transformation from squealing schoolgirl music fan to screeching, malicious-hearted harpy was so abrupt and unexpected I actually jumped in my seat.


I had noticed before that the key components of the Czech language as it is spoken in prison which is very different than the Czech you hear strolling through the streets of Prague are: