Synopsis: Originally published in Beginning with the Qur'an, Abdelwahab Bouhdiba confronts the question of male supremacy in Islam, and the strict. Born in in Kairouan, Tunisia, Abdelwahab Bouhdiba is professor of Islamic sociology at the University of Tunis, where he is also director of the Centre. Islamic culture may be labelled a 'superculture' on account of its richness, whose living message goes from the peasants of the Indian subcontinent to Africa, f.


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Sexuality In Islam

Canonical clothing consists of a loose burnous, very loose-fitting trousers for those who do not have cloth, sandals, a turban, a night cap and a flannel belt, which may bouhdiba abdelwahab decorated. The way the clothes must be worn bouhdiba abdelwahab also laid down.

One must bouhdiba abdelwahab wrap oneself in a single garment, thus allowing the sexual organs bouhdiba abdelwahab be exposed in whole or in part. The prophet also advised against touching other men's clothes or pulling on them violently lest they be accidentally removed.

What is more, men must not wear clothes made of silk: It must be the object of scrupulous and continuous attention.

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Indeed bouhdiba abdelwahab things are defined as 'natural' bouhdiba abdelwahab fitra: It is indeed the symbol of virility, just as the veil is the symbol of feminity [sic]. But whereas the veil, as is normal, must conceal femininity, the beard is intended on the contrary to draw attention to itself and in some sense exhibit virility.

Bouhdiba, Abdelwahab

The beard is a form of masculinity. Bouhdiba abdelwahab is therefore a canonical duty to wear a beard. It must be worn long, but trimmed, brushed, combed and smoothed down.


It is recommended to scent it. One may ask bouhdiba abdelwahab wife or concubine to assist one in this matter. There is a close correspondence between the beard and authority, wisdom, power and judgment.


An Arabic treatise on physiognomy bouhdiba abdelwahab us that 'the superior man, reasonable, intelligent, philosophical, enlightened, aware, learned, a good judge of men, has hair khamuti between the dark and the red, neither hard nor sparse, neither abundant nor thin, neither excessively long nor too hard, neither too thick nor too fine A workman or a slave bouhdiba abdelwahab be recognized by a small beard cut fairly short.

Notables and men practising the liberal professions, doctors, qadis, teachers, imams, wore very long beards, white as snow, while those of soldiers were divided into two tufts of the finest black.

The female point of view must not be ignored, for it is crucial on this subject, as Shahrazad makes quite clear in The Thousand and One Nights. To a woman who expresses a preference for youths without prickly moustaches and beards, she replies caustically: My sister, you are a fool!

: Sexuality in Islam (Saqi Essentials) : Abdelwahab Bouhdiba: Books

Do you bouhdiba abdelwahab know that a tree is beautiful when it has leaves? A beard and moustaches are to a man what long hair is to a woman And yet you tell me to choose a beardless boy for a lover?

Do you think that I would ever stretch myself out for love below a youth who, hardly mounted, thinks of dismounting; who, hardly stretched, thinks bouhdiba abdelwahab relaxing; who, hardly knotted, thinks of unknotting; who, hardly arrived, thinks of going away; who, hardly stiffened, thinks of melting; who, hardly risen, thinks of falling, bouhdiba abdelwahab, hardly laced, thinks of unlacing