The new edition of the Wiring Rules (AS/NZS ) has been released. You can purchase the new standard on the SAI Global's website. Standards New Zealand has been made aware of a document circulating on social media purporting to be the new edition of the AS/NZS. Electrical Installations “Wiring Rules” (AS/NZS ) has now works should be carried out referring to AS in its entirety.


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Events Events Standards Australia has a strong history of facilitating solutions that meet the needs of consumers and industry.

The new Wiring Rules - A brief look at the changes

It remains committed to enhancing as3000 wiring rules social, environmental and economic well being of all Australians by providing an active forum for discussion, debate and consensus. The program provides training and direct exposure to the standards development processes and technical committees.


Isolating switches to be installed adjacent to all fixed wired water heaters. Hazardous area presented as3000 wiring rules gas relief vent terminals. Requirements for air conditioners and heat pumps where the internal unit or units are supplied from a switchboard or circuit separate to that of the compressor, and new exceptions.

The new Wiring Rules

Lifts installed for general use and are not Emergency Lifts Safety As3000 wiring rules. MEN system further defined for clarity. MEN connection to be located in an accessible position. Acceptable earth electrodes types updated.

New AS/NZS Wiring Rules Book | NECA

Outbuilding as3000 wiring rules clarified through enhanced requirements. Equipotential bonding requirements expanded and clarified through enhanced requirements for showers, bathrooms, pools and spas. Earthing of conductive building materials in combined outbuildings.

Earthing requirements for individual outbuildings and combined outbuildings. Earthing requirements for conductive switchboard enclosures associated with unprotected consumer mains.

Earthing of conductive reinforcing in combined outbuildings that contain as3000 wiring rules or baths. Conductive pool structures and the bonding connection point shall be installed and bonded to the installation earthing system regardless of other specified requirements.

Figure showing bonding arrangements for pools and spas.


Section 6 Additional intent included for this section to also only apply to water containers into which persons do not normally put a part or all of their body.

Installation requirements for deluge showers clarified. Showers Zone as3000 wiring rules further clarified for different shower head configurations.


Fixed water container size reduced from 45 litres to 40 litres. As3000 wiring rules switchboard shall not be located within any wet area classified zone. Classified zones for fixed shower as3000 wiring rules connections on the ceiling and for showers with a hinged door.

Specified capacity for spa pools or tubs increased from litres to litres. Clause excluding electricity generation systems, including inverters from being installed in classified zones.

Clause excluding pools and spas from being located in areas containing electrical equipment owned by the electricity distributor, that result in such equipment being incorporated into any classified zone.

Table defining classified zones for fountains and water features. Section 7 Entire restructure of Clause 7. Normative, Informative and Installation requirements for electricity generation systems reviewed and clarified in line with applicable standards.

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Deemed to comply standards reviewed and updated where required. Electric vehicle charging systems have been added. Section 8 A number of clauses split into subclauses to differentiate between general, application, visual inspection, test as3000 wiring rules and accepted values.