ANTI-BULLYING PLEDGE. and Family Channel. THIS IS FOR ME. MY FRIENDS TODAY. AND MY FRIENDS TOMORROW. I THINK BEING MEAN. Make a stand for your school community - take the school Bully Stoppers pledge! The school principal, a student representative and a parent. ANTI-BULLYING PLEDGE. BULLYING PLEDGE. I understand that bullying in any form is against State, District and School rules. I agree to stamp out all types of.


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Zero tolerance policies help no one. If this is the policy at your school, consider organizing a petition, or creating a council to calmly explain the research and your findings.

Taking a Pledge Against Bullying |

A more favorable approach is positive behavior intervention support PBISwhere students are disciplined, but the response is gradual and focuses on helping you, the victim, and rehabilitation for the bully.

Standing Up to Bullies First of all, it's important to remember that no matter how traumatizing a bully's behavior is, you shouldn't try to bully them back. Although it might anti bullying pledge hard to imagine, bullies usually have gone through their own trauma or anti bullying pledge and are trying to gain control to manage their feelings.


There is usually a reason someone becomes a bully; not just because they are a bad person. Here are some appropriate ways to handle a bully instead. As the Victim First, always report bullying. anti bullying pledge


It's important for adults to know what's going on. Then, if you're not in physical harm from the bully, you can try talking to them.

They want to be in control, so the more empowered you are about the situation, they less likely they are to engage. Have students develop and anti bullying pledge a bullying pledge.

Show students some example pledges to not bully, such as: Speak up when I see bullying.

Students Pledge to End Bullying | Education World

Students anti bullying pledge the pledge and added their handprints with their names to the Anti-Bullying Pledge bulletin board in our main hallway. The picture above shows just about half the anti bullying pledge of the entire bulletin board!

The bulletin board offers a very visual display of how many people are in our school and how everyone has committed to follow the guidelines set forth in our Anti-Bullying Pledge.

If a student behaves inappropriately -- breaks their pledge -- their handprint is removed from the board until the child thinks they can make better decisions about their behavior.

Anti-Bullying Pledge

Elementary Anti-Bullying Pledge I am a student at this school. I deserve to enjoy being at school.

I will do my part to make it happen for myself and my classmates. I promise to be kind to others.

Taking a Pledge Against Bullying

I promise to care when I see someone being hurt. If it isn't safe for me to say something, I will get an adult.


I promise to do my best to include others in my play. I promise not to be mean to others.