The Ain i Akbari, Henry Sullivan Jarrett. Translated by, Henry Blochmann. Publisher, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Original from, Oxford University. Digitized. The Ain-i-Akbari i.e the "Constitution of Akbar", is a 16th-century, detailed document recording the administration of emperor Akbar's empire, written by his vizier. University of Dhaka Dept. of Political science An assignment on: Abul Fazl's Ain-i-Akbari is an immortal book on the basis of Akbar's Administration. Course no.


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Included in this collection are the Persian text of the original, along with the English translation of Heinrich Blochmann. The second volume is devoted to the detailed history of the nearly forty-six years of the Akbar's reign. Since it was written aroundit also contains details of Hindu beliefs and practices as well as a history of India.

The first ain i akbari deals with the imperial household, and the second with the servants of the emperor, the military ain i akbari civil services.

The Ain i Akbari - Google книги

The third book deals with the imperial administration, containing the regulations for the judicial and executive departments. The fourth book contains information about Ain i akbari philosophy, science, social customs and literature.

The fifth book contains sayings of Akbar, [3] along with an account of the ancestry and biography of the author. Akbar divided his vast empire into fifteen 15 Subas or provinces.

The Ain I Akbari

The Subedar or Governor was the head of the provincial administration. He enjoyed vast powers and was in-charge of the provincial military, police, judiciary and the executive.


Akbar paid much attention towards the organization, equipment ain i akbari discipline of the army. For efficient military administration he introduced a new system known as the Mansabdari System.

The Mansabdars had to maintain soldiers according to his grade or rank.

Gorgias Press. The Ain I Akbari of Abul Fazl 'Allami (5-volume set)

There were thirty three grades of these Mansabdars ain i akbari maintained soldiers ranging from 10 to 10, They were paid salaries in cash and the system ain i akbari assignments of lands was discouraged. They were directly under the charge of the emperor and were promoted, degrade or dismissed at his will.

He also revived the practice of taking the descriptive rolls of the soldiers and branding the horses. Land Revenue was the chief sources of income of the Government. So, Akbar paid special attention towards the organization of the land revenue administration.

Judicial Administration or Judicial Reforms: Some revenue terms and the administrative framework found then still persist in modern times.

Full text of "The Ain I Akbari"

However, the summarised version of the history of the rulers of ancient and pre-Mughal period and about events in various subahs, including Bengal, are not very dependable. But the geographical and topographical details given in this book are considered to be satisfactory.

The book has also been translated into English in three volumes: I was stunned to find that section 24 of book 1 has very ain i akbari descriptions of food. As a legal document, it is more focused on measures than on methods of cooking. I made ain i akbari and sent some to a friend of mine from the North.