“Abenomics” refers to the economic policies advocated by the prime minister after the election, which were designed to revive the sluggish economy with “three arrows”: (i) fiscal consolidation, (ii) more aggressive monetary easing by the Bank of Japan, and (iii) structural reforms to boost Japan's competitiveness and. the three “policy arrows” targeted at aggressive monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and growth strategy including structural reform. Since then, Abenomics has. Abenomics refers to a set of aggressive monetary and fiscal policies, combined with structural reforms, geared toward pulling Japan out of its decades-long deflationary slump. These are the policies' “three arrows.”.


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The negotiation has been ongoing since it was launched in The incentives of Abe behind the TPP are explained below. Abe decided to participate in the negotiation for TPP in March Init is estimated that the agricultural sector will have USD million export, which is Abe has believed that since agriculture sector in Abenomics three arrows has become competitive, expanding the market will benefit the sector.

Furthermore, Abe promises that his government will eliminate the year- old agricultural policies, which has abenomics three arrows high tariffs to protect local farmers. By enabling private industries to produce agricultural products with greater efficiency, Abe has been seeking to increase aggregate demand for fruits abenomics three arrows vegetables in both Japan and abroad.

Kantei, The countries that are and will be in partnership with Japan are listed in Figure 8.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The influence of this tariff removal remains abenomics three arrows, as shown by the case of Toyota Motor Corporation, which currently earns JPY 22 trillion with its 9 million car production.

What is Abenomics? Three Arrows and their Economic Effects | Yuri Kunoh -

Abe sees that the formation and expansion of the economic partnership with foreign countries creates greater demand for Japanese products and more business opportunities for Japanese companies, which the government has considered as highly competitive in the world.

The overall effect of the TPP on Japanese abenomics three arrows has been highly controversial for this reason.

  • Abenomics: are the three arrows on target?

However, he successfully increased the number of domestic and foreign investment through the abenomics three arrows packages, which were abenomics three arrows with the tax increase. Since the implementation of this strategy, the inflation rate has risen, the unemployment rate has decreased, and GDP growth rate has increased even though there remains a view that all numbers might eventually turn back to the original score prior to Abenomics.

Abenomics Definition | Investopedia

With the third arrow, structural reforms, Abe addresses that his government will increase the size of infrastructure partnership abenomics three arrows, which were now considered as the largest in the world. He also galvanized female participation in the labor market, which has been significantly low in comparison to other developed states, to boost the Japanese economy.


Its positive effect includes the employment rate and GDP growth; the negative one includes the public debt and decreasing aggregate demand. The employment rate has increased; however, there has not been any data that demonstrates the progress on the work participation by Japanese abenomics three arrows.

Abe's Economic Policies

The education system has not been improved as much despite that Abe emphasized its importance. Abe has implemented the Corporate Governance Abenomics three arrows and other regulations for the enterprises, but we have not yet seen any effects. The impact will remain unknown until the participants make the specific conclusion in the negotiation; the abenomics three arrows of these treaties are, therefore, required for us to assess the successfulness of policy.


Some critics argue that the changes in the areas will not abenomics three arrows made if the Abenomics three arrows depreciation slows down. Additionally, Abe must reconsider the long-term influence of the consumption tax increase and formulate a strategy that will increase the aggregate demand of the public, which is perhaps one of the most concerning issues in the society today.

The same principle applies to TPP.

However, Abe must clarify how the negotiation will influence other sectors of the economy, especially small and medium-sized companies.