MC Microprocessor has three bit registers and three 8-bit registers available for use by the programmer (Figure ). 2 Accumulators (Accumulator A. Introduction to / Microprocessor Systems: Hardware, Software and Experimentation introduces the reader to the features, characteristics, operation. Processor. • Uses 8 bit words. • Has addressable main memory of 64k. • Has Memory Mapped I/O and interrupts. • The has the following main.


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The second accumulator was omitted. Advertisements for the appeared in several publications the first week of August MOS Technology's other 6800 microprocessor, calculator chips, was declining due to a price war with Texas Instruments so their financial backer, Allen-Bradleydecided to limit the possible losses and sold the assets of MOS Technology back to the founders.

Motorola lawsuit has developed a David and Goliath narrative over the years. One point was that Motorola did not have patents on the technology. This was technically true when the lawsuit was filed in late 6800 microprocessor On October 30,before the was released, Motorola filed numerous patents applications on the microprocessor family and was granted over twenty patents.


The first was to Tom Bennett on June 8, for the internal address bus. These patents covered the bus and 6800 microprocessor the 6800 microprocessor chips interfaced with the microprocessor. Federico Fagginwho had led the development of the Intel's first microprocessor, theand it latest, thegrew restless under the management changes at Intel.

Motorola 6800

Faggin and another Intel engineer, Ralph Ungermann, began talking about starting up their own microprocessor company. Faggin and Ungermann left Intel and started Zilog in November Masatoshi Shimathe designer of the Inteljoined Zilog in February and they obtained funding from Exxon's venture capital group in June Zilog 6800 microprocessor to make a superset of 6800 microprocessor Intel that also incorporated features from the and others.

The Z80 only required a single 5 volt 6800 microprocessor supply and a single-phase clock input. It was the first microprocessor to offer built-in support for dynamic RAM. Tom Bennett offered him 6800 microprocessor job in the microprocessor group in November Bennett did not want to leave the Phoenix area so Gary Daniels managed the microprocessor development in Austin.

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Daniels was the microprocessor design 6800 microprocessor for the next ten years before he was promoted to a vice president. The first task was to redesign the MPU to 6800 microprocessor the manufacturing yield and to operate at a faster clock.


This design used depletion-mode technology and was known internally as 6800 microprocessor MCD. The transistor count went from to but the die area was reduced from The other chips in the M family were also redesigned to use depletion-mode technology. A new low-cost clock generator chip, the MC, was released in The MC came in a pin dip package and could use quartz crystal or a resistor capacitor network.

The MC microprocessor was released in March This was a two-chip microcomputer. The MC programmable counter had three bit binary counters that could be used for frequency measurement, event counting, or interval measurement. The had support for a light pen6800 microprocessor alternative to a computer mouse.

The would execute code but it had ten additional instructions and the execution time of key 6800 microprocessor was reduced. The two 8-bit accumulators could act as a single bit accumulator for double precision addition, subtraction and multiplication.

The first application was a trip computer for the Cadillac Seville.

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6800 microprocessor The MC was the most advanced 8-bit microprocessor Motorola produced. It had a new instruction set that was similar to the but abandoned op-code compatibility for improved performance and high-level language support; the two were software compatible in that assemblers could and generally 6800 microprocessor generate code which was equivalent to opcodes the did not directly emulate.

In that sense, the was upward compatible with the